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Couture Lash Design & Couture Lash and Brow Boutique Invites you to The Texas Big Lash and Brow Conference!

The Texas Big Lash and Brow Conference is exclusively for Trained and Licensed Lash Artist, Brow Artists, and professionals in the industry.  This event will take place September 27th,28, and 29th, 2019, at the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.

Please join us for a weekend of socializing, education and celebration with 12 of world’s foremost lash and brow artist, industry leaders and influencers.

You will enjoy a Friday night meet and greet social, with cocktails hors d’oeuvres.  Gather with your peers and speakers to introduce yourself and unwind to kick off our event.  Then you are free to relax and prepare to enjoy your evening as our event begins.

Saturday is a full day with speaker presentations of their various subjects, that are sure to be informative, educational, and inspiring.  Sit down buffet lunch will be included.  Saturday evening you are free to enjoy the many sites, restaurants, etc. along the beautiful San Antonio River Walk, the Downtown sites and landmarks.

Sunday is our “Power Hour” mini workshops, where you will learn from the Masters in small group learning setting.  These will allow our attendees to get closeup amazing tips and tricks in various specialties from the Master Artists.  A great opportunity to get the most up to date processes, applications and products in the industry. Sit down Buffet Lunch will be included.

Sunday Night Masquerade Ball, Dress to Impress, with awards going to best Dressed!   We will celebrate the weekend with Cocktails, sit down buffet dinner, awards, entertainment and then we will dance the night away to wrap up this amazing weekend.

Additionally, along with all the knowledge you’ll take home with you.   Attendees can look forward to taking home awesome goodie bags valued over $500.  Along with special surprises throughout the entire event. Ticket purchases are nonrefundable.


Daria Ziolkowska

Guest Speaker

Daria Ziolkowska – master trainer, leading in the UK, recognized worldwide, international judge and speaker, CEO and founder of Velvet Lashes by Daria brand, director of Velvet Lashes training academy and owner of Velvet Beauty Salon.

Daria Ziolkowska, founder of Velvet Lashes by Daria, claimed one of the World Bests Lash Stylists by Lash Masters vol. 4 inquiry, World Master Russian Volume Lash Artist 2016 by Lash Emporium, one of the first who received Phi Royal Artist reward, directs a group over 20 talented Trainers, building a base of distributors, have already lots of customers all around the globe. In only 2 years she has conquered the hearts of Lash Lovers thanks to her strong involvement and such a close attention to detail. Daria’s helpful and positive attitude matched with talent and willing for innovation gave her respect and recognition in the lash world.

Meanwhile the request for Velvet Lashes courses was booming Daria started composing a group of very talented Lash Stylists – the Team of Velvet Lashes Instructors. Now the Team has 23 members – Professional Trainers – in different counties in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Poland. Velvet Lashes training courses represent the highest quality just as all her products. Maybe this is why Velvet Lashes Team’s students are so happy after the course – there is no one single day without multiple recommendations of the Team on social media. All Velvet Lashes Trainers provide also mentoring online after the training course and they know it’s very helpful. Daria’s Team is not afraid to share passion, knowledge and experience. Numerous students after Velvet Lashes training courses or mentoring sessions win significant prizes on reputable Lash Championships which makes Daria and all the Trainers unbelievably proud!

Daria travels regularly in different corners of the world as a trainer, judge and speaker on multiple prestigious championships and conferences. Daria has her own products lines and two author’s techniques – ‘How to fill inner corners within 5-7mins’ & ‘Double Reflection Effect’ which is perfect for Mega Volume Technique achieving a very dense and dramatic look. After completed over 40 professional training courses in pursue of self-development Daria has decided to broaden her horizons and get involved into Lamination/Lash Lifting and Lash Botox treatments. Daria has taken part in many Lash Lamination courses learning from the experts within that field and became the official Trainer and Exclusive Distributor in the UK of a multi-awarded Italian brand – My Lamination which is winner of many prestigious awards from among others: Belarus, Russia, Romania, Moldova. The greatest thing is that Daria’s success is built on values like respect, hard work and belief that good returns. She loves her work and hopes to be a motivation for others.

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska

Guest Speaker

Agnieszka is one of the best trainers in the lash styling industry. Accredited lash trainer. She has been highly prized as:

  • · The most inspirational lash styling industry personality 2017,
  •  The most inspirational lash trainer 2017 in the world – second place,
  • · The most inspirational speaker 2017 in the world – second place,
  • · The most inspirational lash artist 2017 in the world – third place,
  • · The most inspirational industry influencer and entrepreneur 2017 in the world – third place,
  • · Top training facility with its own team of 23 trained professional trainers in Poland and other European countries.
  • · Teaching and perfecting lash techniques for 10 years already.
  • · Agnieszka has developed her own unique methods:
  1. ü volume lash application “Cloudy Effect”
  2. ü “Speed up Volume Techniques” which has made her one of the most recommended trainers in the world.
  3. · She is also known from her unique “Perfect Shape of the Eye” – unique lash styling extension to keep symmetry between the eyes. She invented rules of “make-up” which give a symmetry effect between eyes.
  • · She has already trained more than 3000 students from all the world.
  • · Agnieszka was invited to one of the most popular Polish television as a master to make a beauty makeover on models in September 2016.
  • · She had a lot of publications in Polish and Russian magazines.


· Agnieszka keeps on sharing her knowledge and experience at international level.

She is a speaker of many world-renowned conferences, including:

  • League of Lash Masters Congress (September 2015),
  • Lash Summit UK (November 2015),
  • World Brow (2016 Kiev),
  • Lash Conference Tallinn (2016 Estonia),
  • Global Edition of Lash Summit in Arizona (March 2016, USA),
  • League of Lash Masters Prague (September 2016),
  • Amsterdam Eyelash Conference (October 2016)
  • Master Class, Russian Volume, 3 Volume Speed Technique (Osijek, Croatia – February 2017)
  • Master Class Volume for beginners and experts (Caserta, Italy – February 2017)
  • Lash & Brow Revolution – speaker (Moscow, Russia – March 2017)
  • International Lash Conference – speaker (Stockholm Sweden – March 2017)
  • Master Class Volume (Stockholm, Sweden – March 2017)
  • Sculptor Lash. International Championship Yulii Yskusnyh – judge (Kiev, Ukraine – April 2017)
  • League of Lashmasters Congress – speaker (Prague, Czechia – April 2017)
  • NM Vip Extensions – judge (Oslo, Norway– April 2017)
  • Imperial Lashes & Brow – judge (Rome, Italy – April 2017)
  • VIP Conference (Rome, Italy – April2017)
  • Conference International De Cejas y Pestanas – speaker (Madrid, Spain – June 2017)
  • Sculptor Lash Championship – judge (Chisinau, Moldova – June 2017)
  • Sculptor Lash Championship – judge (Leiria, Portugal– June 2017)
  • Lash Cup – Yvonne van Wieren – speaker (Amsterdam, Netherlands – February 2018)
  • Master Class Mega Volume, Cloudy Effect, Kim Kardashian (Las Vegas, USA – March 2018)
  • Master Class Mega Volume, Cloudy Effect, Kim Kardashian (Miami, USA – March 2018)
  • The International Eyelash Conference 2018 – speaker (Vilnius, Lithuania – April 2018)
  • League of Lashmasters Petr Lhotshy – speaker (Prague, Czechia – April 2018)
  • Master Class Mega Volume, Cloudy Effect, Kim Kardashian (Osijek, Croatia – April 2018)
  • Lash Inc Super Yacht London Conference Louise Tierney, Miranda Tarpey – speaker (London, UK – May 2018)
  • Lash Master Mind Conference & Workshop Marina Motta, Katia Santos – (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – June 2018)
  • Superlash PRO Summit 2018 Courtney Buhler – speaker (Montreal, Canada – September 2018)
  • Champion Cils – Belgium’s First Eyelash Conference & Online Championship – Speaker (Brussels, Belgium – September 2018)
  • Master Class Kim Kardashian (Toulon, France – September 2018)
  • Master Class Kim Kardashian, Mega Volume (Saskatoon, Canada – November 2018)

Hanna Babanakava

Guest Speaker

Hey-hey! My name is Hanna, I was born in Belarus and lived there over 20 years. I started business in 2013 in Grodno, Belarus. I received training in hairdressing, makeup, nails (European degrees), and courses in brow modelling and microblading, all kinds of depilation and mehndi design. But Lash making was always my real passion. My vocation as a teacher is to provide unique strongest practical and knowledge base with continuous support after the course as well as raising the next generation of top-quality lash artists, lash champions, and brilliant trainers.

Angel Wings® is an international company that provides top quality eyelash extension services, supplies and training with head office in Montreal, Canada. We are proud of our responsible approach, high standards and outstanding client care. We passionately love what we do and want to share this love and passion with other lash artists!

After I moved to Canada and started working in 2017 I re-branded my company, created something much bigger and better. Now its popularity grows all over the world as we connect lash technicians in several ambitious projects. – Lash global™ Championship – the biggest international championship in Canada – Lash Global Conference – the biggest international conference in Canada – Lash Global magazine – the 1st international lash magazine that is based in Canada, started January 2018 – CatFight™ Championship series online – a unique project of championship series that are divided to independent Rounds, that have different rules, different judges and different prizes. It is very affordable and fast going. Started March 2018 – Lash Expert™ platform – online training and lessons for lash artists of any experience – Lash Global junior conference online “The Big Fish” (December 2018) – Lash Global Show – Series of thematic interviews with lash stars and discussions on special hot topics with all the dirty secrets “from the other side” of the industry. …and we have even more projects coming in the near future! – Nominated by Lash Industry Inspirational Person Awards for Most inspirational industry influencer

QUALITY FREAK My idea of quality services and supplies. I never wanted to work with cheap, low quality supplies or to do a very inexpensive (and, as a result, inferior) work. I’m a quality freak. That’s why I went to championships to learn what I’m worth. My prices have always been premium, but my clients know what they are paying for. Currently Angel Wings does not accept new clients and only provides services to our regular customer base. Applying this idea of perfect quality to lash supplies, I had a vision to create the best line of lash product to work with. As a multiple lash champion and prize winner I received lots of presents and had a chance to try many brands some of them good and others not so good. I put together all desired qualities like 20-line boxes, non-sticky covers, no glue residue, absolute minimum of short defective lashes in a lash tray, a uniform curl, a good grip, keeping the curl well, and many others. I have spent time collecting my expert knowledge about lash supplies. After 8 more months of testing and research I was able to design the product line I had dreamt of.

From Champion to champions. Our adhesive is made on Korean factory for my special demand. It was first made in 2017 to match the needs of Lash Championship participants. As a Champion myself, Judge and Sponsor I gave it to the winners of Strictly come lashes championship, UK, the best try I could have and surprisingly it became and still is our best seller. It went through a few adjustments. There were 2 main types in the beginning I was choosing from to find the final one. Now I have stopped on the formulation I personally and most of my old buyers like most.

I care and love my vocation, so it makes me extremely proud to offer Angel Wings product line I have created.


Angel Wings Lashes 20 LINES PER TRAY! Light lines for making every lash visible Top quality Ultra soft and flexible Easy fanning (if you have a skill of course) Nice natural deep black color Medium matte texture No blue shades and other colors in black No big gaps between the lashes No glue residue on lashes No stickies on tops Beautiful luxury and fall damage resistant box

Angel Wings Champion glue Fast, for volumes and classic Not thick (thin) by structure Oil and water resistant – unique in the global market! Always has a manufacturing date Has a detailed instruction in every box Latex free, formaldehyde free Carbon free in transparent version Good for sensitive clients Amazing retention – bonding power 50 days Doesn’t need any sealants or top coating Not tested on animals Follows the general requirements for North America and EU Downloadable MSDS on a sales page

Angel Wings Tweezers Designed by a champion-lashmaster for champions! Spotless! Hand tested Hand adjusted Stainless steel Non-magnetic (non-static) Double action – Easy fan, easy grip. Video proof of double-testing for every pair!

EDUCATION I never considered getting noticed or being invited to events by other technicians. However, in only one year I’ve become a judge and a speaker in over 15 international lash events and a highly demanded trainer. I understand that staying in one place in the lash industry makes the value of your work steadily decline. New trends emerge and new techniques appear all the time. Additional information gets revealed be it new facts about the lash glue or something entirely novel, which requires further study and experimentation. This is what draws me as a speaker to be one of the people who does research for the benefit of our industry, brings up and pours light on new and unexplored topics. The idea of offering fellow lash artists something new and useful is truly inspiring to me. That’s why I aim to create many ways to share the knowledge. Lash Global championship and conference brings together the best lash specialists from all over the world. Also, I have launched an online platform for courses and lessons. Aside from that I offer many absolutely free options to learn including my YouTube channel, professional blog, Facebook and Instagram community groups, as well as Lash Global magazine.

Training is all about innovation. Classic and Volume extensions are already old news. Nowadays most of the clients want volume extensions. But to provide this service new lash technicians need to go through two periods of training (classic and then volume) and spend a significant amount of time practicing before they start their volume course. My innovative program including both classic and volume online courses saves the student time and money. I collect my knowledge all over the world and add my own experience and inventions. This allows my students achieve better results faster. Overall, we offer many other live and online unique training courses with the information you will never find on other lash courses including: – Photo portfolio for lash artist – Special effects in eyelash extensions (Volume advanced training) – Expert volume (mega volumes and volume quality perfection) – Expert modeling – detailed styling analysis – One-hour volume speed-up – Championship preparation – Training trainers and trainers certification – Lash Expert special lessons online.

For any questions please, send your requests to

LOOKING BACK AMAZING EVENTS I WAS INVITED, SPOKE, JUDGED, SPONSORED or ORGANIZED Since 2017 (but still could miss some that were added in between): There were so many amazing live and online events where I was a judge, a trainer, a speaker or a sponsor that I have decided to make a list if you’re interested to meet me on some events that probably will happen again:

2017 – Judge and sponsor at Strictly Come Lashes championship in Worcester (July 11-12, 2017); – Judge, sponsor, and speaker at Lash Drive Conference and Championship in Hannover, Germany (September 30, 2017); – Judge and sponsor at Oscars online championship (November 2017);

2018 – Sponsor of the Lash Pro Balkan Conference and Championship in Belgrade, Serbia (March 2-3, 2018). Unfortunately, I could not come to speak at the event because of circumstances beyond my control, but will definitely try next time. – Organizer, sponsor, and judge CatFight online championship #1 “One out of 10”. End date April 22, 2018 – Speaker, judge, and sponsor at Lash Artists International in Gilbert, Arizona, USA (March 16-18, 2018), where I also gave a master class with great opportunities and presents for everyone! – Judge at Universe Lash & Brow competition online, Russia (April 15, 2018) – Judge at Universe Lash & Brow competition, Spain (April 22, 2018) – Organizer, sponsor, and judge at CatFight online championship #2 “My Apocalypse” (April 22 till June 5, 2018) – Organizer, speaker, and sponsor at Lash Global Championship & Conference in Montreal, Canada (May 2-3, 2018), – Organizer, sponsor, and judge at CatFight online championship #3, #4 (July 12, 2018) – Speaker and trainer at the 1st South American Conference of Lash & Brow in Brazil, San Paulo (July 20-22, 2018) – Judge at Strictly come lashes championship in Worcester (Summer, 2018) – Judge and sponsor at Glasgow Lash Battle (August 2018) – Judge and sponsor at Oscars online championship (2018) – Sponsor, speaker, and judge at Hawaii Lash Competition – Conference and Championship (September 8, 2018) – Judge at Lash Pro Contest online (September 2018) – Judge at CHAMPION CILS – Belgium’s First Eyelash Conference & Online Championship (September 21, 2018). Unfortunately can’t attend in person to give a speech – Judge online at Strictly Come Lashes (October 7-8, 2018) – Judge online at Lash Agora – Vienna, Austria (October 13-14, 2018) – Speaker at Charity 24 Hour Conference – World Lash Day 18 online (October 23, 2018) – Speaker and Trainer at Lash & Brow Cruise Campus in Italy aboard the cruise liner Costa Diadema (October 26 till November 2, 2018) – Judge online at Beauty Inter-vision – Hanover, Germany (November 3-4, 2018) – Speaker at Lash Marathon online conference by Nelly Malinina (November 12, 2018) – Judge online at Lash & Brow Queen 2018 (December 26, 2018) by Smirnova Marianna – Judge at Fantasy Lash Art online competition by Jess Martin (December 31, 2018)

2019 – Judge online and sponsor at COPA AMÉRICA. International Conference & Championship – Australia (February, 2019) – Judge and sponsor at Master Lash Empress Lash Championship online – Australia (February, 2019) – Speaker at Lashsecrets conference – Lisbon, Portugal (March 9, 2019) – Judge and sponsor at The Skin Games, Lash extension competition – Las Vegas, USA (June 14-15, 2019) – Speaker at Hollywood lash conference – Hollywood, USA (June 21-23) – Organizer, speaker, and sponsor at Lash Global Event in Montreal, Canada (May 18-20, 2019), – Speaker at Texas big Lash and Brow Conference – Texas, USA (September 27-29) by Katherine Elliott

Olga Villarreal

Guest Speaker

  • Certified since in 2006 Classic technique
  • Minkys Trainer USA from 2011-2017
  • Certified in Volume by:
  • Jill Heijligers Peloquin-USA 2013
  • Irina Levchuck-Russia 2014
  • Teresa Smith-England 2014
  • Natalia Maksymova-Russia 2015
  • Angnieszka Kwiatkowska-Poland 2016
  • Petr Ihotsky-Prague, Czech Republic 2016
  • Bioomi Crazymix, Taiwan 2017
  • Manuela Ramírez-New York, USA 2019
  • Trina Dial Horne-Maven artistry- Texas, USA 2019
  • Published in Lash Master Artist vol.2 2015
  • First Place Winner in Volume Technique, Global Lash Summit 2015
  • First Place Winner in Classic Technique, Global Lash Summit 2016
  • Award #36 in Fantasy Lash Art, Lash Artist International
  • Speaker/Translator, Passion Lashes 2018
  • Judge/Speaker, Guerra de Pestañas Chile 2018
  • Speaker/ Translator, Love lash Congress, Medellin Colombia 2018
  • Trophy top 100 Lash and Brow artist Planeta Belleza 2018
  • NEESA Member 2015
  • BAALA Certified 2013
  • Certified Lash Mastery Educator 2014
  • Lash Inc Accreditation 2016
  • NALA Certified 2018

Soo-Jin Yang

Guest Speaker

Soo-Jin Yang is a master lash trainer and the founder and product developer of Illumino Lashes. As a lash artist with over thirteen years of experience, Soo-Jin uses her intimate understanding of the challenges of lashes to innovate products elevating the quality and safety of her industry. She has developed eight products exclusive to Illumino, with a patent pending in 34 countries internationally. Fixing the same passion for progress on education, her workshops focus on techniques to make eyelash services more precise, comfortable, and sustainable for both technician and client. She is based in Oakland, California.

Michelle Rath

Guest Speaker

Michelle Rath founded Sinful Lashes after a successful career as a Hollywood stylist in the entertainment industry. Today she is recognized as a leader in the lash industry and travels the world as an international judge and speaker, a senior editor for Lash Inc Magazine and was included in Lash Masters Volume 3.

Michelle opened her first studio in 2011 and has expanded into an international brand. This entrepreneur owns her salon, lash academy, retail store and her online supply business in Los Angeles, CA. She has a dedicated staff and a group of talented brand ambassadors. She owns her Lash Academy where she has trained over a 1000 students in the art of lash application and she manufactures a luxury lash extension product line that ships globally.

Michelle has a passion for our industry and the camaraderie it creates for women and is proud producer of the Hollywood Lash Conference, the largest Eyelash Extension conference in the USA.

Miranda Tarpey

Guest Speaker

Miranda Tarpey   an international & world famous Lash Expert, CEO and founder of The UK Lash Institute, the only Research and Development Lash school in the UK , where new lash techniques and ideas are invented, tested and brought to the lash industry by Miranda, many of the systems we use today all over the lash world have been invented by Miranda.

Miranda is the creator and pioneer of the Volumetric Calculator ™ used globally for volume and mega volume lashes, the first ever creator of a volume Lash calculator application in the entire world and the Lash Size system.

Miranda is also the creator of the Mirror Link™  and Bifold ™ techniques used internationally for mega volume lashes.

Miranda has also created the world’s first Lash Ruler ™ use to measure lashes.

She is also Editor of Lash Inc UK Magazine, a lash journalist writing lash articles and periodicals, and author of many lash programs and publications.

Miranda has also written educational and reference lash books and has been the proud author of Best Seller title on Amazon.

Multi award winner, she is an all-round entrepreneur having won 1st place titles in both lashes and business,

As a Lash Expert, she shares her wealth of knowledge and is often a Speaker at conferences around the globe, last year alone she travelled to over 26 countries, this year she will be visiting even more countries.

She is also a judge for many major lash competitions, both national and international and also writes competition criteria for participants & judges.

Miranda is also an educator and teaches the world offering her unique brand of lash training to students across the globe, that benefit from expertise within this field, and this attracts all levels from beginners to advanced and educators alike who gain in depth training and knowledge from her carefully researched study programs and materials.

Miranda is also co-organizer of The Super Yacht lash conference in London

Miranda is also co-organiser of Lash Events UK, a company that organises lash events, conferences, competitions.

Conference speaker & Competition Judge


Scottish Lash conference 2016 – speaker

Eyelash Emporium – The Lash Festival 2016 – Judge

Lash Challenge Croatia 2017– Speaker

International Conference Stockholm 2017 – Speaker

Madrid Conference 2017 – speaker

Vilnius Lithuania Lash conference 2017 – Speaker

Norwegian Master championships 2017 – Judge

Hollywood Lash Conference 2017 – Speaker

Lash Conference London 2017 – co-organiser & Speaker

Lash Battle UK 2017 – Judge

International Lash conference 2017 – speaker

The Lash Games London Olympia 2017– Judge & criteria writer

The International Lash Cup Bologna 2017 – Judge

The Oscars online competition 2017 – Judge

The Lash festival UK 2017 – judge

Beautyworld championships Sweden 2017 – judge

Lash art vision Calendar online competition 2017 – judge

Lash Pro Romania online competition 2018 – Judge

Bucharest Conference 2018 – speaker

The Lash World Cup Amsterdam 2018 – judge

The Swedish Masters March 2018 – judge

Lash Master Legends Educational Conference Rome 2018 – speaker

Lash Conference London 2018 – organizer and speaker

Lash Secrets conference Portugal March 2018 – Speaker

Lash Artists International Conference Arizona March 2018 – Speaker

League of Lash masters Prague April 2018 – Speaker

Lash Conference Japan 2018 – speaker and judge

Hollywood Lash Conference 2018 June– Speaker

Madrid lash conference June 2018 – Speaker

Australia Lash competition Brisbane July 2018 – Judge

Lash battle Glasgow August 2018 – Judge

NM Championships Norway September 2018 – Judge

Hawaii Conference and competition Honolulu  September 2018 – Speaker & Judge

The Lash games London September 2018 – Judge

Slovenia Lash Conference 2018 – speaker

Columbia lash conference 2018 – speaker

Lash Extravaganza Argentina 2019 – Speaker & Judge

Olga Vasquez-Boone

Guest Speaker

Olga Vazquez Boone, is the Founder and Owner of Lash Dream Academy and Lash Dream Lash product brand in Mexico, throughout South America and in the US.  Olga is also the Distributor for Flawless Lashes, By Loretta for Mexico.  Olga has been a power house and very instrumental is bringing lash extensions training and products to Mexico and South America.  She is a noted Speaker and Judge at many Lash Conferences across the globe.  She is the Organizer of the outstanding successful “Lash Extravaganza “, Lash Competitions and Conferences through Mexico.

1. Lash Artist with 12 years of experience and Director of the Lash Dream Academy brand
2. Creator of Posh Lashes Studio in USA and México
3. External Instructor of the S.T.P.S in México (Secretaría de educación del trabajo) since 2017.
4. First Mexican Certified as a Professional Trainer with N.A.L.A(National Association of Lash Artist.
5. Endowed with 4 different certifications, Xtreme Lashes since 2008
6. First Mexican certified in the United London’s world famous Academy,
Flawless by Loreta in 2017
7. Certified through subbotina Lashes by Yulia Subbotina in 2017
8. certified through the best Academy, Uk Lash institute by Miranda Tarpey
9. Certified through the best Academy Czech Republic Diomond Lashes by Petr Lotsky
10. Creator and organizer of the VIP Convention in Latin America  “Lash Extravagance”

Louise Tierney

Guest Speaker

Louise will only be providing video content for the conference, she will not be speaking in person. Louise is editor-in-chief and owner of Lash Inc International magazine. A magazine published for lash artists worldwide with regional versions edited by various lash educators. Louise is expanding the reach of the magazine by offering translated versions in Japanese, Macedonian, Spanish, Korean and Italian in 2019.

Louise had a scientific past, her degree was in Instrumentation with Applied Physics and later did a Masters degree in E-Commerce technology. She worked in the industry as a tech trainer for a number of years but through a chat with a massage professional, she re-trained to offer holistic therapies which later lead on to learning beauty.

Louise opened her first training academy Caledonian Therapy Academy offering beauty and holistic therapy training. At it’s peak the academy had 9 training locations covering all of Scotland. In 2009 Louise developed a new flexi – adhesive with a chemist in the UK. This was a stand alone product to fill a problem the academy had with adhesive. The glue went viral globally and from manufacturing 50 at a time which was the minimum run we were making 5000 in a batch after a few months.

This lead to starting the brand Glam Lash. Louise then went on to develop Myscara ® The worlds first pre-blended semi permanent mascara. The brands had 26 distributors globally and were sold to an investor in 2013.

In 2013 Louise focused on business consulting and started Lash Inc Magazine, the first magazine launched in Jan 2014.

In the last 5 years Louise has continued to grow the magazine and is often seen at may international events speaking about the industry, how to win awards and marketing yourself as a lash artist. Louise also runs Lash Events in the UK with Miranda Tarpey which offers conferences in luxury locations, attracting lash artists from around the world combining their mini breaks with education.

Louise has won over 30 business awards over the year for various businesses and products. Louise firmly believes that winning awards had a massive effect on her business growth in all businesses. She has written books on the subject and also does consultancy on entering business awards for large international corporations.

Laura Kaminskiene

Guest Speaker
Laura is the owner and president of MB Beauty School. She worked as a professional lash stylist for many years in Ireland, where the first MB Beauty School was opened. MB Beauty School is one of the biggest beauty schools in Europe. Laura Kaminskiene has represented her school in more than 40 different events as a speaker & judge.
Laura Kaminskiene is working with multiple widely known projects around the world that she has founded like: Top Level Educators Team, Celtic-Baltic Event and many more. She is the official editor of ‘Lash Me’ magazine in Lithuania & Ireland, a professional business mentor &  an inspirational person for other beauty industry masters. She has earned the nickname ‘Lash Mafia’ due to her powerful presence in the industry, inspiration she provides to others, her courage, ideas & fun personality.
Laura is known as a strict, professional international teacher. After her trainings, her students go on to become professional and well known masters. Laura Kaminskiene is also the founder of Madam Butterfly brand, a distributor of Deluxe Lashes and founder of a new treatment in the beauty industry that she is very passionate about, BB Glow.

Agne Cepulyte

Guest Speaker
Agne has been in the lash industry for a short time compared to other known masters of the industry and yet her hard work and intensive study habits have brought her the continually growing success she has today!
She has attended numerous conferences as a speaker and a trainer.
She has over 20 trainings so far.
She has been competing, winning championships and received awards from stars in the industry.
She is a certified professional international trainer travelling all over the world to bring the knowledge that she has to others.
She has given trainings in the USA, Norway, England, Ireland and more to come.
She is a judge at the best online and live championships.
She had the privilege to have been invited to the biggest and the longest running online conference in the world by Lash. Inc.
She has been featured on Lash Inc. media radio.
She has been nominated as the Best Lash Artist of the year 2018 by NALA.
She is always improving, learning and striving to be the best she can to be able to give the best and the most updated information to her students.

Lodging & Accommodations

Couture Lash Design has a block of rooms at the Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk for a discounted rate available during “The Texas Big Lash & Brow Conference” 2019.

Click here to book your room at the Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk:

Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk
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 Through this website you can book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations at any time and receive updated information about the event. We look forward to seeing you!

Make sure to book at least 90 days before the conference!